Hi, I’m Ms C, aka Nadia

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  • Science nerd
  • Cat lover
  • Jigsaw puzzle enthusiast
  • Crippling caffeine addiction

I’ve a been a high school Science teacher in Western Australia for 4 years. I’m currently teaching general Science to years 7-10 as well as upper school Human Biology. Here you can read all about me.

But how did I get here?

Back in 2010 I graduated with my first degree (Bachelor of Biomedical Science) and not a clue on what I wanted to do with my life! I took a few years off to work – save money – travel and repeat.

A couple of years later I figured it was time to start a career, so in my impulsive and indecisive nature I did two things:

  1. booked a ticket to Chiang Mai, Thailand to complete a CELTA course which would give me the opportunity to teach English and live in Vietnam
  2. applied to university to study a Master’s degree in Public Health in Brisbane, Australia

As I was packing up my life to move to Thailand, an acceptance letter for Queensland University of Technology arrived in the mail. It was at precisely this point that I realised hadn’t actually expected to get into the Master’s program! I spent the next week back-flipping on whether I would move to Thailand or head back to university. Eventually I chose the degree and wasted an airfare.

While studying for the second time I discovered that I loved Health Promotion – health education and behaviour change just clicked in my brain, it made so much sense to me. On graduating I applied to just about every single Health Promotion job in the country! My first job offer was in some place called Port Hedland – I’d never heard of it, but I packed my life up for my next adventure.

Off to the West!

Graphic of plane flying from Brisbane to Port Hedland

I will never forget the feeling of flying into the Pilbara for the first time – the endless red dirt made it look like Mars. I was terrified and excited. This was just about as far from inner-city Brisbane as you could get! I worked for an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation, designing and running health promotion programs for the community. I learned so much and I absolutely loved educating people on Health. But I started to miss city life – I’m a city girl at heart and Perth was my next stop.

Back in the big smoke

When I arrived in Perth, I started a job at Scitech as a Science Presenter. What a fun job! On my first day I was actually PAID to run amok in the Science Centre! My job was to travel to schools and events and deliver science shows and workshops. This was it. This is where I realised my true love – Science education. Science engagement. Science communication. Becoming a teacher was just the logical next step for me.

Nadia doing a science experiment with a flame

One last degree

I went back to uni for the third time, studying a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education, specialising in science and health. What an intense year! I had heard how competitive finding a teaching job is, so I put a lot of pressure on myself to get top marks, this coupled with weeks-long blocks of practicals and balancing full-time work hours lead to lots of late nights, coffee, and plenty of tears. But it was all worth it – I was offered a teaching job before I had even started my final practical. It was time to move again – this time to the Wheatbelt in WA!

My first year teaching in Merredin was definitely the most challenging year of my life. I was in a new community, starting a new and demanding career and I was even teaching out of subject area – ATAR Physics! But I survived, learned an incredible amount about teaching and grew as a person. But again, I found myself missing the city, time to move back to Perth, and this is where I have been teaching and growing my career since.

Where am I now?

I have learned and grown so much over my first few years of teaching. Being a beginning teacher is just hard. That’s what this blog is all about. Here I hope to support early career teachers by providing advice and practical strategies on how to survive those first few years, gained through my own experiences. This blog will have tips for all new teachers, but as my teaching area is high school Science, I will provide quality and curriculum aligned resources for this subject area. Finally, I hope to build a community of early career teachers so we can help and support each other.

Nadia pointing at a clock that reads 3:07pm

I hope you’ll join me!

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